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Sunday Reflection for May 31, 2015
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
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Sunday Summary

Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40 Moses reminds the nation that God uniquely rescued them for a purpose.
Psalm 33:4-5, 6, 9, 18-19, 20, 22 To be chosen by God means to be the recipient of every kindness under heaven.
Romans 8:14-17 Children of God are heirs to the glory that belongs to Christ.
Matthew 28:16-20 The Real Presence of Jesus is good for a lifetime, and for all time.

Holy Trinity

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Exploring the Word
Today is the feast day of god
The church is an equal-opportunity provider of feasts. We celebrate martyrs, saints, and angels; privileged moments in the Bible; significant births, basilicas, and at least one special chair (Peter’s). But in a liturgical calendar that stretches across human history to honor princes, popes, prophets, and poor girls from Nazareth and Lourdes and around the globe, we also have one feast, one single day on the calendar, when we simply and purely honor God. Yay, God! Today is God’s day. OK: To be honest, every day is God’s day ...
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Weekday Homily Reflection for May 30, 2015
She just keeps showing up

Some people put great faith in the apparitions of Mary—those times throughout history when the Mother of Jesus has been reported to appear, speak, and sometimes perform a miraculous sign. The church officially makes belief in Marian apparitions a matter of decision, not doctrine. Still, as one Protestant believer has phrased it, whether you credit these visions or not, what do you make of the idea that folks throughout history and around the world keep seeing her? Mary speaks to our longing for a personal encounter with the sacred. She had one. We’re all invited to be Christ-bearers.

Today's readings:Sirach 51:12c-20; Mark 11:27-33 (352). 
“When I was young and innocent, I sought wisdom openly in my prayer.”

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World news in light of the Good News
for Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Preaching the News
» Archbishop Romero remembered and revered – Tens of thousands of people filled the streets of El Salvador’s capital city of San Salvador last Saturday to celebrate the beatification of Oscar Romero, an archbishop who walked with his people in poverty and spoke out against military violence. He was assassinated while he celebrated Mass . . . More...
» Nebraska makes life or death choice—for life – Opponents of the death penalty this week can proclaim, in the words of the reading from the Book of Deuteronomy, “Did anything so great ever happen before? Was it ever heard of?” as Nebraska became the first conservative state in more than 40 years to abolish the death penalty . . . More...
» Flood victims head for higher ground – The Lord “is our help and our shield,” the psalmist declares this Sunday. Residents of Texas and Oklahoma have sought help and shelter as a barrage of storms and floods in Texas and Oklahoma this week . . . More...
» Soccer honchos clearly out of bounds – It is made clear in this Sunday’s first reading that when it comes to the law of the Lord, Moses expects us to “keep his statutes and commandments that I enjoin on you today.” Apparently officials of soccer’s world governing board FIFA never got . . . More...
Quote of the Week

“God the Father is a deep root, the Son is the shoot that breaks forth into the world, and the Spirit is that which spreads beauty and fragrance.” 

—Tertullian (c. 160-225), quoted in this Trinity Sunday issue of Exploring the Word

Fact of the Week
With just six cents per United States citizen per day, hunger could be cut in half within five years in the United States and within 15 years worldwide.

Pastoral Trends
Participation is more than a laughing matter
A rabbi, minister, and a priest went into bar . . . we know a joke is going to follow, don’t we? We even get ready to laugh a little and reset our tension and stress a bit. That is what both good ecumenism and interfaith dialogue are also about. It can only happen when we know and are comfortable in our identity as Catholics . . .  Read more...