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Vocation Awareness | Synodal | Racial healing

----------RESOURCE ON VOCATION AWARENESS----------"Bold and Faithful: Meet Today's Religious" a comprehensive interactive parish resource produced by the National Religious Vocation Conference ( ----------ARTICLE ON RACISM----------"What the church is teaching—and learning—about the sin of racism" by Alice Camille ( ----------QUOTE ON RACISM----------"Until white people call out white people, there will always be safe places for racial ugliness to brew and fester." —Father Bryan Massingale, S.J. (2020 June, NCR). ----------QUOTE ON ISOLATION---------- "Even when I cannot get out to join the community in prayer, God remains present, as Saint Augustine wrote, 'in my deepest interiority.' However lonely I feel, I am not alone, for at the core of my very being is Another." —Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. (2020 May, Commonweal)

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