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Questions Catholics Ask
What is heaven?
When our loved ones die, faith prompts us to speak of them as being in a better place. This pinnacle of betterment is theologically described as perfect union with God.
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Homily of the month
A public vocation
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is unambiguous about how we are to be judged. Jesus’ standard for our final judgment is not how well we followed the rules but rather what we did—especially for those less fortunate, writes Gregory Pierce in our featured homily for the death of a public servant.
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Resources for our times

----------YEAR OF PRAYER----------Dedicated to rediscovering the great value and absolute need for prayer in one's personal life, in the life of the church, and in the world. Pope Francis calls on the People of God to create a "symphony of prayer." Find free prayer resources here: ----------RESOURCE ON VOCATION AWARENESS----------"Bold and Faithful: Meet Today's Religious" a comprehensive interactive parish resource produced by the National Religious Vocation Conference ( ----------ARTICLE ON RACISM----------"What the church is teaching—and learning—about the sin of racism" by Alice Camille ( ----------QUOTE ON RACISM----------"Until white people call out white people, there will always be safe places for racial ugliness to brew and fester." —Father Bryan Massingale, S.J. (2020 June, NCR).

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Award-winning writers

Our service runs deeper than words on a page. Our writers and scholars consolidate information you need and pair it with valuable insight every week. Sign up now and watch our team become your team.

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Lifelong learning

Our subscribers are committed to excellence, to constantly improving their craft. They are busy people who want homily prep to be efficient. Using our resources isn't a sign of weakness, it's the smart move.

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Parish resources

Our work goes well beyond helping one person accomplish one job. Our resources enrich whole parish communities, bringing the word to life in a variety of ways for a variety of audiences.

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With PREPARE THE WORD, you can trust that we will be there each week to provide you with a top-flight suite of tools to facilitate the process of homily preparation.

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Sampling of Homily Stories

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Homily stories

One day during a prolonged funk, when I was sure the world as we know it was coming to an end, my neighbor stopped by to ask me for help.

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Homily stories

When Bernard Hebda was in eighth grade, he thought he had an idea of what God was calling him to do, but he wasn’t sure: God either wanted him to become a priest or a bus driver.

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Homily stories

Flat on my back for three weeks, fighting an infection that ravaged my body and attacked both legs, leading to surgery and talk of possible amputation of one or both, I awoke intact but with a grueling regimen of physical therapy three times a day.


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