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With PREPARE THE WORD, you can trust that we will be there each week to provide you with a top-flight suite of tools to facilitate the process of homily preparation.

Dear friend in ministry,

You well know that it takes a lot of effort to deliver an effortless homily. First there is the time spent with the readings, then the reflection time, the ideas, the research, the outlines, the false starts . . . and at the end of it all, you trust it will all come together.

Well, trust is where we come in. With PREPARE THE WORD, you can trust we will be there each week to provide you with a top-flight suite of tools to facilitate the process of homily preparation. First class, fresh exegesis on the readings, original homily stories that can jump-start a sermon, tools for reflection, prayers and intercessions that tie in with the themes of the week, even sample homilies for those extra special (or extra difficult) occasions—feast days, funerals, weddings, and much more.

Our newly redesigned website provides ample search tools and instant access to a vast storehouse you can draw on for endless inspiration and ideas. All of this available to you 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you want it, and on whatever device is at hand: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop. 

And the benefits don’t stop there. Parish ministers and bulletin editors can mine the riches of PREPARE THE WORD for bulletin content, web posts, discussion starters, and lesson plans. 

You also have access to Take Five for Faith daily reflections, linked to the traditions and saints featured in the liturgical calendar and laid out for easy bulletin insertion that parish staff find particularly invaluable.

And there's also the "Questions Catholics ask" column by award-winning author Alice Camille, offering church history and perspective on the concerns, questions, and faith-formation needs of your parish community.

We are proud and honored to be your partners in ministry. Please be in touch at any time with ideas, suggestions, questions, or requests. We are here to serve those, like you, who serve!

The Editors

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