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Prepare to be heard
World-class preaching resources
We understand you're under pressure to deliver consistently great homilies. We're in the business of helping. Join thousands of your peers and gain access to our excellent preaching tools now.
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Questions Catholics Ask
My pastor has yet to open our parish for Mass. Why?
Reopening a parish isn’t as simple as it may seem from the perspective of the pews. It’s more than opening the doors and firing up the organ.
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Homily of the month
A labor of love
God's outlandish love calls us to be stewards of that which God has made and makes still and will make until the end of time, including all the birds of the air and all the wild animals. Read PREPARE THE WORD's featured homily on stewardship by Brian Doyle.
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Watch our how-to video
Quick-start guide to finding your favorite features
We built the PREPARE THE WORD website to be simple to navigate, once you get the hang of it. Please take a few minutes to view this tutorial screencast, and you'll be zipping around PREPARE THE WORD in no time!