Take Five For Faith Widget Generator


This is the wizard for adding Take Five for Faith Daily to your website.
Use the controls below to change font color, size, and/or family. You do not need to know HTML to do this. Just click in the "Color" field and a selection screen will pop up.
Once you are happy with the layout, click on the "Generate T5 Code" button. Then copy and paste the generated code in your web site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default the widget has the "width" property specified in order to be "adaptive-friendly." If you change this property, just be sure that the new value displays the widget correctly in your website on your computer and on various mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Holy Day Font Style
Title Font Style
Body Font Style
Readings Font Style
Excerpt Font Style
Background Color
Container Style
Width (specifying px or %) Border Color Border Style Border Size

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