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AUGUST: Summer days end soon, and teachers and students go back to school, in whatever form that takes this unusual year. The weight of history descends as we observe memorials of the destruction of Hiroshima (6) and Nagasaki (9). We’re also challenged to do justice in the present: on World Indigenous Peoples’ Day (also 9), International Youth Day (12), World Humanitarian Day (19), and International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition (23). It’s also National Water Quality Month, in a generation when clean water is still not a given in our own country. The World Day for Prayer for the Care of Creation (Sept. 1) reminds us of the climate crisis we face. How do we seek peace and work for the common good as people of faith?

The month offers 20 role models among the saints, plus three Marian feasts: honoring the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome (5), the Assumption (15, not a holy day of obligation this year), and Mary’s role as Queen of Heaven (22). We recall how law and prophecy are fulfilled in Jesus as witnessed at his Transfiguration (also 6). Half the month’s daily readings are prophet-haunted, particularly by Ezekiel. Then we move on to Paul’s more pastoral epistles. The question lingers: How do we find our way to a future of mutual good?

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