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Need some guidance on how to navigate the new layout? Give us just a few minutes of your time and we'll have you navigating the new website like an old pro.

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Table of Contents

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0:10 Login to Prepare the Word
0:25 Login for a New subscriber
0:50 Subscribe to Prepare the Word
1:05 Recover your forgotten password
1:15 Contact us / Find information about us and how to contact us
1:25 Go to Homily preparation
1:37 Use This week tab / Go to Sunday offering/daily reflections
1:45 Go to synopses of the week's offering / Use the Read more buttons
1:58 "Print Sunday's content with full articles"
2:17 Create a PDF/send to Kindle
2:42 Go/return to the Sunday overview
2:48 Print only one item or article
3:01 Move between articles / Use Previous button, Next button
3:13 Return to Sunday overview
3:21 Go to next week's Sunday
3:32 Use Full Month button to view/print/save all Sundays in a given month
3:54 Find content for a particular Cycle's Sunday
4:20 Viewing the same Sunday in other Cycles.
4:44 Accessing more Sunday reference materials using the Sundays Library Tree in the right column and the Past Weeks - Sundays reverse chronological listing
5:27 Use Full Month button to view/print all Sundays in a given month
5:37 Go to Take Five reflections
5:45 Print Take Five reflections/save as PDF
5:54 Go to future dailies and Sundays
6:04 View past Take Five for Faith reflections using the Take Five Library Tree.
6:32 Use the Library tab / Go to Library archives
6:48 Access future Take Five reflections
6:57 Download PDF or RTF files of Take Five reflections
7:10 Sign up to Take Five/download Take Five mobile app
7:19 Find information about your account and troubleshoot
7:31 Use My account tab / Review your account information
7:48 Use the Search feature / Look for a materials by a particular theme
8:02 Narrow a search / Narrow a search down by limiting results
8:12 Conclusion


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