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Just doing his job

He’s out there every day even when it’s 95 degrees or when it’s raining. Only the bitter cold and snow keep him away. The location is a busy three-way intersection. The long wait for the traffic lights to cycle through gives him plenty of time to walk between the lanes with a paper cup. His foot is badly twisted. For him each step is painful. And it’s also dangerous when the cars start moving. He nods at each driver hoping they will roll down a window and put coins or maybe even a dollar bill or two in the cup.

Most everyone looks away or past him. To those whose eyes he catches he smiles whether they respond to his silent request or not. The ones who do put something in the cup receive a genuine thanks and a promise of a prayer. That’s what he gives in return.

He tells me when he sees me coming he knows he’ll be able to get something to eat. Me? I count on his promised prayer to help get through my day. That’s the deal. That’s his job and he works hard at doing it well.