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Sunday Reflection for March 29, 2015
Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
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Sunday Summary

Mark 11:1-10 or John 12:12-16 Jesus chooses deliberate signs of kingship as he enters Jerusalem.
Isaiah 50:4-7 The faithful servant suffers abuse for speaking a wakeful word.
Psalm 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24 In the psalmist’s cry we recognize the hour of Jesus’ anguish and glory.
Philippians 2:6-11 Paul traces the parabola of humility and exaltation that is the journey of Christ.
Mark 14:1—15:47 An ensemble of characters, known and unknown, makes up the Passion story of Jesus.

Palm Sunday

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Exploring the Word
Supporting roles to play
They are everywhere in the familiar account of the Passion. People whose names we don’t know but who play their part in the greatest story ever told. There are the major figures too: Peter and Judas, Caiaphas and Pilate, Simon the Cyrene and Barabbas the criminal, the Marys at the cross and tomb, as well as Joseph of Arimathea. If we were to create a Passion diorama to match the Christmas crèche, we’d surely include characters like these in the scene. But for every named person in the narrative, there are many more who act under the shadow of anonymity. We know who the high priest is, but the herd of scribes who prop up his authority are never identified. Simon the leper reclining at his table is named, but the woman who pours oil over Jesus is remembered ...
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Weekday Homily Reflection for March 27, 2015
World news in light of the Good News
for Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Preaching the News
» Shock in the skies – Loved ones grieving the horrific deaths of the 150 people on board a German airliner that crashed into a mountainside in France Tuesday may share the sentiments of the psalmist this Palm Sunday . . . More...
» Food companies craft mega-merger – This Sunday’s gospel centers on preparations for ceremonial meals related to the Passover feast in ancient Israel. Fast forward 2,000 years and many meals prepared in the U.S. . . . More...
» Afghan women rise up – The second reading prefigures the beating inflicted upon Jesus during his Passion with the description from the Book of Isaiah in the first reading, which begins, “I gave my back to those who beat me.” A brutal beating that led to the death of a young woman . . . More...
» Homeless become Sistine Chapel VIPs – During the procession with psalms this Sunday we hear that Jesus chose the most humble form of transportation imaginable—riding into Jerusalem on the back of a mule—to symbolize a kingship that did not depend on power . . . More...
Quote of the Week

"I felt a little land locked, getting carted around. I'm getting to know the archdiocese better."

—Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich, the first archbishop of Chicago to drive his own car rather than have a chauffeur

Fact of the Week

The original name for Google was BackRub.


Pastoral Trends
Participation is more than a laughing matter
A rabbi, minister, and a priest went into bar . . . we know a joke is going to follow, don’t we? We even get ready to laugh a little and reset our tension and stress a bit. That is what both good ecumenism and interfaith dialogue are also about. It can only happen when we know and are comfortable in our identity as Catholics . . .  Read more...