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Sunday Reflection for August 31, 2014
Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
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Sunday Summary

Jeremiah 20:7-9 The prophet suffers the violence of humiliation and rejection but still chooses the Lord.

Psalm 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9 God is the answer to hunger and thirst, danger and need.

Romans 12:1-2 This age seeks to make us mindless minions. Or we can be radically free in faith.

Matthew 16:21-27 The person free in Christ is even free enough to die, liberated from final death.

22nd Sunday
in Ordinary TIme

Exploring the Word
Disciples of this age or the next?
How many of you power-watch serials like House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Thirty Rock, or Malcolm in the Middle? How many sneak snacks you know you shouldn't eat but do anyway? How many folks here have bought clothes they didn't need or maybe even want because they were on sale and the price was too good to pass up? Who has too much stuff in the house or the garage; spends too much time on the internet or checking their smart phones; has thrown hours down the drain playing . . .
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Weekday Homily Reflection for August 29, 2014
World news in light of the Good News
for Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Preaching the News
» Islamist militant with British accent raises concerns – In his anguish, Jeremiah feels betrayed by the Lord, crying out, “You duped me, O Lord, and I let myself be duped.” British Muslims and politicians expressed anguish and a sense of betrayal at the apparent involvement of a Briton in the videotaped beheading of U.S. journalist . . . More...
» Archaeologists not digging Mideast conflicts – “Do not conform yourselves to this age” Saint Paul urges in this Sunday’s reading from the Letter to the Romans. Far from conforming to the present age, archaeologists take pride in digging for secrets of past civilizations . . . More...
» Sleep deprived youth won’t make the grade – Following Jesus will involve a fair amount of self denial, we hear in this Sunday’s gospel. Early start times on school days deny young people vital hours of sleep, say pediatricians. Their recommendation? Let kids sleep in on school days. . . . More...
» Control of Senate in play this fall – The psalmist has seen the power and the glory of the Lord, we hear in this Sunday’s responsorial. Republicans, yearning to regain majority power in the Senate in this fall’s midterm elections, are hoping for a glorious . . . More...
Quote of the Week
“Any peace effort that does not tackle the root causes of the crisis will do little more than set the stage for the next cycle of violence."
—UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in a statement welcoming the announcement of an indefinite truce between Israel and Gaza but encouraging negotiated solutions to longtime problems

Source: BBC News

Fact of the Week
The US consumes 80 percent of the world's pain pills.

Twitter Fact of the Day

Pastoral Trends
Participation is more than a laughing matter
A rabbi, minister, and a priest went into bar . . . we know a joke is going to follow, don’t we? We even get ready to laugh a little and reset our tension and stress a bit. That is what both good ecumenism and interfaith dialogue are also about. It can only happen when we know and are comfortable in our identity as Catholics . . .  Read more...