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What's the significance of Saint Joseph?

SAINT JOSEPH does not speak one word in scripture. Yet we know that God chose him for a unique and lofty role. Joseph placed his trust in the plan the Lord sought to unfold in his life and in the life of his betrothed wife, Mary. Joseph became the first to see the Christ Child. Except for Mary, he knew Jesus more intimately than anyone on earth.

It stands to reason that when we go to Joseph in prayer, he will lead us into greater intimacy with his foster Son. “If Mary is the Queen of all the blessed,” wrote Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross who modeled his religious family of priests, brothers, and sisters on the Holy Family, “Saint Joseph is undoubtedly first among the saints.” Moreau also saw in the love among Jesus, Mary, and Joseph an earthly glimpse of the perfect love and unity of the Trinity.

God entrusted Joseph with the task of clothing, feeding, and protecting the Incarnate Word and his Blessed Mother. So too does God offer Joseph to us as the protector of the church. We pray that his intercession may help us to follow his selfless and tireless example of service.

Adapted from the website of the Congregation of Holy Cross,