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Spiritual growth increases participation in parish life and leads to a greater sense of discipleship. --Willam E. Simon, Jr., author of Great Catholic Parishes

There are many ways to use Prepare the Word in your parish ministry.

Help shape your homily and liturgical prayers by using Prepare the Word's: 

  • weekday and Sunday scripture reflections
  • homily stories
  • quotes and homily hints
  • penitential prayers
  • prayers of the faithful
  • sample homilies (for feasts, holy days, funerals, and special occasions)

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Use the following as your prepare lessons or talks:

  • Homily stories and quotes
  • Exploring the Word
  • The inner word 
  • Questions Catholics ask

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Include our award-winning content in your parish bulletin and on the parish website. Perfect content to include would be: 

  • Take Five for Faith daily reflections
  • a weekly homily story
  • “Questions Catholics ask" 
  • prayers, and quotes

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